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Everything You Need To Know About Alternating Pressure Mattress

several mattresses in a bunk bed

Why Do You Need A Pressure Mattress? Did your doctor recommend an alternating pressure mattress for your condition? Are you looking to purchase an alternating pressure mattress for your parents or loved ones? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you have a lot of questions about alternating pressure mattresses. Learning […]

Steps For Fast Recovery of Stroke Patients

girl taking off cast home care for patients

How Does Stroke Affect A Person? Stroke is not just about any physical disability; it also means emotional, physical, and cognitive disability. It is not easy to deal with stroke patients afterwards, especially in the recovery phase. There are some steps or tips that can be helpful in case there is any loved one suffering […]

What To Expect From Palliative Home Care

stethoscope medical palliative care

What Is Palliative Home Care? Palliative home care is specialised medical care offered to patients suffering from serious illnesses, some terminal. The focus of palliative care is pain relief, comfort, and psychological support, not just for the patient but also for the loved ones.  Palliative home care has become popular in Singapore. It involves assisted […]

Puzzling Questions About Frozen Shoulder Answered

Whether you’ve had a frozen shoulder for a while, or you were recently diagnosed with it, you are likely going to have a lot of questions about the condition. Finding answers to them should be the top of your priorities. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because learning about the condition will put you in a […]

The Best Ways to Release a Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that causes stiffness and restriction of movement. If you have it, it will be difficult or impossible for you to carry out simple tasks, like taking a book off an overhead shelf, or fastening a bra can be difficult or impossible. Ignoring the condition or not treating it on […]

Critical Things You Must Know if You Suffer from Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a frustrating and painful condition that can reduce mobility in your shoulder region and makes it very difficult for you to carry out simple tasks. The excruciating pain associated with the condition can lead to sleep deprivation, depression, and weight loss. If you have this condition, you must take prompt action to […]

What We need to Know about Health Screenings in Singapore

Every one of us would want to live a long and healthy life and there are a lot of things we could do in order to maintain a good health condition. One of the ways we could take care of our body is through regular health screenings. There are some illnesses or diseases that do […]

Hezbollah Spies via Facebook

In an excellent article in The Washington Times, UPI’s Shaun Waterman described a “red team” activity in which a security consultant created a false persona on Facebook that appeared to be attractive young woman who was working in cyber defense. She quickly garnered hundreds of friends in the national security community, as well as job […]

Palestine And The Arab Reform Movement

While the Palestinians are united by their desire to destroy Israel and drive all Jews from the Middle East, they are divided by religion. Although most (except for three percent who are Christians) are Moslem, they are at odds over what kind of Islam should be practiced. Many, if not most, Palestinians in Gaza (where […]

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